Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

It is already February 2023; so hard to believe. We have come out of our fly fishing show season, straight into our patagonia trips, and our very own southeastern trout fishing season is already here upon us. If we missed you at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show this past weekend, hang loose, we were at the Cincinnati Fly Fishing show and will see our Atlanta gang in ATL next year. 

Our spring here in the southeast looks plenty promising. Conditions are favorable. March through June will be prime season on the Hiwassee river and it is time to book the dates now. April and May are just about always the best months for the Holston river below Cherokee dam. Lake Cumberland is currently at its lowest winter level that I can remember seeing. This tells me that we are going to see some good spring fishing windows below Wolf Creek dam on the Cumberland river coming up soon. 
No need to ramble here. Just letting everyone know that we are looking forward to a very promising season and it is best to book dates soon especially for the early season. Rates remain the same!  All we plan on inflating is your ego. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon. 

Give us a call.  770-655-9210