Fly Fishing Adventures
in the Southern Appalachians

IMG 3497IMG 20200518 111927685 Hoping all of the southeastern anglers out there had a good Memorial Day as we honored our fallen on this important remembrance day. This day also marks the day TVA begins our guaranteed summer release schedule for the HIwassee river. Now through the summer we are assured of adequate non fluctuating flows to drift fish the upper river and the gorge. Due to adequate spring moisture levels the reservoirs in the area are at summer pool and in excellent condition. June and July will be our 2 peak months to fish the Hiwassee river especially for dry fly activity. We have also had more water in the river for the past 8 months than we usually do and for this reason the river has an unusually high fish population with plenty of larger than average trout available.


IMG 1397So if you have been a little over sheltered lately come and drift the river with us in the cool mountain breeze and see if you can catch that big one you have been after for a while now.IMG 3496